Monday, December 8, 2014

Smart Phone Apps for Monitoring Teen Drivers

RoadReady: This powerful app is an extension to The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program. Sponsored by Ford Motor Company, RoadReady recently became available to parents of teen drivers just in time for National Teen Driver Safety Week (Oct 20-26). The RoadReady app allows parents to track and log driving experience during the Learner’s Permit process.

AT&T DriveMode: This free app for AT&T, BlackBerry, and Android users will send automatic “out of office” replies to texts and emails when in a vehicle moving faster than 25 mph. The app also sends incoming calls directly to voicemail. DriveMode is intended to ensure that drivers are not distracted by their cell phones when operating a vehicle.

Sprint Drive First: This app allows parents to be in control of their teen drivers by setting the parameters for their in-vehicle connection ability. Similar to the DriveMode app, Drive First will detect if the vehicle is in motion and send auto replies to text messages and direct incoming calls to voicemail. The app is intended to help improve driving habits and reduce distractions.

Steer Clear Mobile: This app focuses on teaching teens proper driving technique. After completing the Steer Clear course, the teen driver is eligible for insurance discounts from State Farm. Steer Clear Mobile is currently only available for the iPhone.

Safe Driver: Another app only available for the iPhone is Safe Driver. Safe Driver is designed with parents of teen drivers in mind and it monitors the teen’s driving habits, including speed and location. If the young driver exceeds the designated speed limit, it notifies the parent via text or email alert. Pro - What we love most about this app is that there is a version for all operating systems, so you can use it no matter what your phone preference is. This app allows your teen to receive text messages and emails while driving, without them taking their eyes off the road. With text to speech technology, the app reads messages aloud and has a customizable autoresponder that your child can set up to reply to messages without having to pick up the phone. A single user subscription costs $13.95 per year.


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