Friday, May 10, 2013

Free Teen Driving Course in Denver

Toyota will be bringing its free-of-charge, safe driving program, Toyota Driving Expectations, to the Bass Pro Shops in Denver, CO - May 18 & 19.

In light of motor vehicle crashes being a leading cause of death among U.S. teens, we hope you’ll be able to share information with your members to help promote safe driving habits. 

What is Toyota Driving Expectations?
·         free 2.5 hour program for newly licensed teens (and teens with learners permits) that goes beyond standard driver education classes, teaching them crash avoidance techniques and defensive driving skills, along with the dangers of distracted driving
·         A program that offers parents insight into the challenges facing teen drivers and provides recommendations and countermeasures for any driving concerns they may have. It also teaches parents how to be strong driving role models and coaches for their teen drivers.
·         Fully funded by Toyota and endorsed by the National Safety Council, more than 21,000 teens and parents have participated since the program started in 2004.
What teens learn:

What parents learn:

How to Register?
Registration is available online!

*Teens must have a valid license or learner’s permit and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.