Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Effect of the Learner License Graduated Driver Licensing Components on Teen Drivers’ Crashes

The Children's Safety Network recently highlighted new research on teen driver's permits and the effects two of the restrictions had on reducing motor vehicle crashed: the minimum permit duration, and the required minimum hours of supervised driving. Permit duration of six months was associated with significant declines in 16-17-year-old drivers’ fatal crash rates. A broader meta-analysis also found the permit duration is associated with a significant decline in teen drivers’ fatal crash rates. In Colorado, our permit length is a minimum of 12 months, exceeding these recommendations. 
However, required hours of supervised practice driving were not associated with a decline in teen drivers’ fatal crash rates. In Colorado, we require a minimum of 50 hours of logged and supervised practice time for a permitted driver. What are your thoughts about why the supervised practice time didn't seem to have as strong of an effect?