Thursday, September 26, 2013

Motor Vehicle Safety during Pregnancy

Join this webinar featuring Dr. Catherine Vladutiu, an expert on the subject of adverse maternal and fetal outcomes resulting from motor vehicle crashes during pregnancy. Dr. Vladutiu will walk us through a history of this issue, explain the magnitude of the problem, discuss research on the association between vehicle safety features (i.e., belt use and airbags) and adverse fetal outcomes, and tell us about potential interventions to improve motor vehicle safety during pregnancy. We will have an opportunity to discuss the implications of research on this issue, programs and legislation that address the prevention of motor vehicle injuries, and the continuing need for surveillance.

Learning Objectives:
During this webinar, participants will:
  • Learn about the epidemiology of motor vehicle crashes during pregnancy
  • Develop an understanding of key state-level work on motor vehicle crashes and adverse fetal outcomes
  • Become aware of vehicle safety features which may decrease the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes
  • Acquire a working knowledge of interventions that may improve motor vehicle safety during pregnancy