Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why you can't stop checking your phone: Technology and driving

The Boston Globe recently released this fascinating article about the psychology and social connection behind texting and driving: Why you can’t stop checking your phone. Experts say that our technology is reprogramming us.
Some of the techniques to combat distracted driving are fascinating and reflect the knowledge that laws are not changing people's behavior at this point. The authors suggest we must "fight habit with habit" by changing what has become ingrained behaviors.
  • Develop new triggers for turning cell phones off or stashing them in the trunk before getting into the driver’s seat.
  • Change the social norm: friends don’t let friends drive social. 
    • abstain from contacting people you suspect are driving. 
    • ask passengers to crack down on drivers. 
    • draw lines about phone use in other contexts as well, essentially training people to distinguish between situations where it is and isn’t OK.
What tricks do you use to ward off the temptation to check your phone while driving?