Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This safe driving ad from New Zealand will give you the chills

Source: SF Gate, January 7, 2014

What if two drivers could share their final thoughts in the seconds before a horrendous car collision? A new ad from the New Zealand Transport Agency makes this dialogue happen. A man pulls out into an intersection after deciding he can beat an oncoming car on his right. His son is in the back seat. In the moment that he realizes the other car is approaching faster than he thought, time stops. The two men step out of their cars. The father pleads to the other man to forgive his mistake and stop before they collide. The other driver is sorry, but there's nothing he can do — he's going too fast. They step back into their cars and the scenario plays out. The ad is aimed at otherwise careful drivers who consider a certain amount over the speed limit to be "comfortably fast." The commercial's punchline, however, is that drivers are responsible for other people's mistakes, as well as their own. To see the full article, with the embedded 1 minute video, go to: