Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thinkfast Interactive: Experiential Awareness Programs for all ages

Concept behind ThinkFast Interactive

The ThinkFast Interactive driving safety awareness program is an evidence-informed prevention intervention that uses active learning to connect young people with factual, relevant information related to various personal safety issues. The program is uniquely designed to educate teen drivers on various State rules, regulations, and penalties installed to keep teen drivers safe on our highways. ThinkFast Interactive is a fast-paced competitive awareness program that directly connects the students to a “state of art” multi digit audience response system driven by a versatile software program that delivers awareness, pop culture, and academic questions in multiple innovative way. ThinkFast Interactive also captures the participant’s answer for later analysis.

The staging is of top production values and presents relevant music, trivia, and safety facts for the targeted audience. We work with local highway safety experts to tailor program content for local context factors such as laws, social norms, age of participants etc. The ThinkFast Interactive team of hosts guide participants through the program so that everyone engages with the information. Both teens and adults from across the country have repeatedly given high praises to ThinkFast Interactive hosts and many say that creates a unique, and unforgettable experience that students will always remember.

Visit the ThinkFast Interactive Website for more information.