Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Virtual Danger, Real Lesson: Texting and Driving Simulator

From:  CTIA
A major hurdle to combating distracted driving is the idea among some drivers, especially teens, that texting and driving is okay. To help illustrate just how dangerous this practice is, the It Can Wait campaign developed the Texting and Driving Simulator.
The simulator provides users the ability to try to text while driving, but safely since they aren’t actually behind the wheel. Set up like a computer game, drivers use their computer keyboard to navigate a virtual city, obeying the speed limit and avoiding normal obstacles on the road. Then, you get a text message.
For added reality, you can connect your wireless device to send and receive text from while using your computer to operate the virtual car.
Take it from me, the simulator illustrates the impossibility of answering a  text message while safely driving.