Friday, April 18, 2014

Your Healthy Family: Keeping Teens Safe

From:  KOAA New 5

April is "Distracted Driving Awareness" month.
The non-profit "Drive Smart Colorado" - which partners with colorado springs police - has a new online teen driver safety program for parents to help keep your kids safe behind the wheel.
"A statistic it's not just a number it's a human being," said Maile Gray, Executive Director for Drive Smart Colorado.
She says the free online program will help parents support their teens through our states Graduated Driver Licensing law.
"This site has several modules. You can take it at your leisure and it walks you through the key components of our laws that are put in place to prevent traffic crashes and fatalities of teenagers," she said.
Since the law was increased to include things like passenger restrictions and night time curfews teen deaths have decreased.
"In 2004 -107 teenagers died in Colorado, last year 36 teenagers died, you can see right there that because Graduating Driver Licensing went into effect - the teen fatality rate has absolutely plummeted," said Gray.
But there was a slight up-tick last year in fatalities.
"It rose 10 percent, and while that might not seem like much, it signifies the death of teenagers and that is huge!" Gray said.
They're hoping to empower parents to help enforce the law and save more lives.

For more information head to Drive Smart Colorado or view the News 5 Broadcast.