Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SafeKey device to prevent impaired driving

Impaired drivers are, as is well-known, quite dangerous to themselves and others. Human impairment can result from many causes, often rooted in the stresses of modern life. These forms of impairment include, but are not limited to: FATIGUE, GENERAL ILLNESS, LOW BLOOD SUGAR (in diabetic persons), DRUGS (Prescription or Otherwise), SLOW REACTION RATE, and so forth. We are often unaware of these and other impairment sources; the SafeKey Security System helps us become clearly aware of our impairment if we are so burdened and pro-actively protects us from operating a vehicle.

Interestingly, SafeKey Corporation has found that, through the use of the SafeKey, people become more aware of their own state of mind, partly because their impairment, if significant, prevents their vehicle from starting. Needless to say, even short periods of loss of mobility, are unpleasant occurrences - even if they save lives, limbs and property. This result is a fortunate, unintended consequence of the product.

Consequently, we categorize the SafeKey System as a prevention device - it deters persons who are impaired from driving in the first place - until they are suitably unimpaired. In a real sense it is not only an “early warning system” that just costs a few hundred dollars, but it’s also a true interlock device that deters DUI before arrest and/or crash.

See the SafeKey website for more information

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