Friday, April 14, 2017

CDOT Releases Their 2017 Problem ID

The Colorado Department of Transportation has released their 2017 Problem Identification Report, providing data on Colorado's motor vehicle crash characteristics at the state, regional, and county level. The Problem ID is used by CDOT, law enforcement, nonprofit organizations, public health agencies, and prevention professionals to identify traffic safety problems and target areas for education, prevention, and enforcement programming. Since 2011 Colorado’s fatalities from motor vehicle crashes have continually increased, reaching 546 fatalities in 2015. The following were primary factors in the majority of motor vehicle fatalities in 2015:

  • Speeding fatalities (39.6% of all fatalities)
  • Unrestrained fatalities  (34.4 % of all fatalities)
  • Alcohol-impaired driver fatalities (27.7 % of all fatalities)
  • Motorcyclist fatalities (19.4 % of all fatalities)

The full report can be accessed on CDOT's website at: CDOT 2017 Problem ID Report

For more information and motor vehicle crash and injury data requests, contact:
Christine Demont, Injury Epidemiologist
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Phone: 303-692-3057