Thursday, October 19, 2017

2nd Annual Shared Risk and Protective Factors Conference: Call for Proposals Now Open

May 30-June 1, 2018
 SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT HERE by 5pm on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

As prevention and intervention professionals, you have likely seen issues that are common​ among the youth, families and communities with whom you work - issues like poverty, families dealing with substance abuse, and youth who are not connected to or do not feel safe at school. We often refer to these issues as "shared risk and protective factors   This conference focuses on learning and implementing ​strategies that take ​a shared risk and protective factor approach to create opportunities to prevent multiple forms of violence, juvenile justice involvement, injury and substance abuse​, helping ​multiple programs and agencies​ achieve their desired outcomes​.

We have an ambitious agenda but based on last year's conference we know prevention and intervention professionals are asking that we continue to the dialogue and learning about shared risk and protective factors and how to use them to determine programming needs for youth in their communities.  The goals for this conference include:

Creating Shared Understanding

  • Identify how different outcomes that they work on are linked to one another through shared root causes.

  • Describe the basics of approaching prevention at the root causes of issues, including shared risk and protective factors.

  • Identify effective strategies that impact multiple outcomes by addressing root causes.

  • Identify strategies to use prevention funding streams, resources and infrastructure to create sustainable programs and practices.

Moving Theory to Practice   

  • Describe local examples of using the shared risk and protective factor approach across different sectors to promote connected communities and safe, healthy, and successful youth.

  • Identify effective strategies to impact root causes like pooling resources, coordinating efforts, and engaging new partners within their community.

  • Practice skills integral to a shared risk and protective factors approach including collaboration, Positive Youth Development, policy change, and prevention science

Enhancing Collaboration

  • Identify new partners who share common goals and efforts that align with risk and protective factors that impact their work.

  • Identify ways in which they can collaborate and leverage funding with partners to achieve common goals.

  • Identify ways to broaden their existing efforts to address multiple and connected root causes.

Please also put this conference into your schedules and let others in your communities know about it; conference registration will open after the 1st of the year.