Friday, May 3, 2019

Get Involved: Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week

May 6 -12 is Global Road Safety Week! Through the United Nations General Assembly, this will be the Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week. This year's Week will focus on leadership for road safety. It is widely acknowledged that stronger leadership for road safety is needed to achieve the Global Goals for sustainable development. Therefore, world heath leaders have launched the ongoing campaign: Save Lives - #SpeakUp

The #SpeakUp campaign provides an opportunity for civil society to generate demands for strong leadership for road safety, especially around concrete, evidence-based interventions which will save lives. It will also inspire leaders to take action by showcasing strong leadership for road safety within governments, international agencies, NGOs, foundations, schools and universities and private companies. To get involved with the #SpeakUp campaign, and speak up for road safety in your community, download the Get Involved Toolkit to guide you through the three easy steps. 

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