Thursday, August 29, 2019

Event: Brave Spaces: Practicing Authentic Leadership

Brave Spaces: Practicing Authentic Leadership

You are invited to participate in a transformative 3-day experience that will change how you think about leading and interacting in your communities and your work. See the attached invitation for additional information.

We share a vision of all children being valued, healthy, and thriving. We also believe this vision requires a radical re-imagining of our systems, approaches, and solutions. Imagine harnessing the wisdom and intelligence in our field to inspire others, a culture of shared leadership, and an environment full of empowered and passionate individuals.

Brave Spaces: Practicing Authentic Leadership is a place where child development, family support, and health practitioners come together to learn about, apply, and experience new ways of leading, designing, and delivering “the work”. This customized program builds on the global practices of the Art of Hosting. Here are a couple 3 minute videos to give you an overview of the Art of Hosting.

What you can expect:

  • Collaboratively identifying new challenges in the field and co-create ideas to address them together
  • Harvest collective knowledge, experiences, and reflections that will allow us to create the context for a new future
  • Experience and support courage in yourself and others to have tough conversations, design meaningful action around equity, and create deep connections
  • Experience and practice new skills, facilitation tools, and approaches to engaging groups

How: Applications to attend are due on September 2nd. Online Application
When: September 25, 26, 27 (must commit to attending all 3 days)
Where: Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 1981 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202
Cost: Thanks to support from the Buell Foundation, the registration fee is $250 (valued at $1,000). However, there is a limited number of partial scholarships and travel stipends available.

Principles that ground our work and that we hold:

There is a place for you here - it doesn't matter your role or position in your organization. If you feel called to lead, change and support change - join in!
  • Be strategic - we will make sure the content and process is meaningful and relevant in the context of your work in early childhood
  • Be open - Everyone brings something unique and valuable to a process like this. Openness will improve our collective listening and wisdom to solve daunting and challenging problems
  • Co-create - each of us have things to share and things to learn. Art of Hosting is an iterative experience where we learn, experience, reflect and learn again from the collective and ourselves
  • Courage - these times call for us to speak up when it might feel uncomfortable and know there is a space for us all to call out what we see, to be heard and to share
It is incredibly important to develop leaders (like YOU!) with strong and inclusive voices so we can effectively tackle the complex social issues that face us today. We sincerely hope you're able to join us in September!