Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Resource: Employer Resources for Parents of New Drivers

New Employer Resources

As we gear up to send our kids back to school, parents of new teen drivers have a special responsibility: staying involved with their teen’s driving even after they get a license. Why? Car crashes remain the leading cause of death for teens and parents are the number one influence on their driving habits. To make it easier for parents, we need to reach them where they already are: at work.
DriveitHOME, a program of the National Safety Council, offers employer resources for parents of new drivers that can be posted and shared in the workplace. These resources inform parents of the major risks facing teens on the road and offer tips on how to keep new drivers safe.
Resources include:
  • Posters to display prominently in the workplace
  • A 5 Minute Safety Talk, designed to help lead a discussion on teen safe driving
  • Infographics ready to be shared on social media, in emails, through newsletters or displayed on workplace digital signage, etc.
  • Short videos highlighting ways for parents and teen drivers to practice and use these resources
  • The New Driver Deal, a parent-teen agreement allowing you to discuss and set boundaries and rules related to driving (and ensure these rules are followed)
All of these resources direct parents to visit DriveitHOME.org, where they can get free coaching lessons, blog posts and tips for staying involved with their new drivers. You can share these resources with your employees and co-workers now at nsc.org/parentsatworkThe more you do to get the word out on the importance of teen safe driving, the more you’ll help keep your employees and their loved ones safe.