Monday, September 30, 2019

MADD Partnering with Colorado Communities, Young People, and Local Artists to Raise Awareness

MADD is partnering with Colorado communities, young people, and local artists to raise awareness through art!

Sponsored by State Farm Insurance

MADD is currently searching for 1-3 Colorado schools, particularly in rural areas, with students that are interested in working with MADD and Rise Above to create murals depicting how students’ lives can look without the use of alcohol or other drugs. Participating students will work together and collaborate with local artists to design the murals. Once the artwork is complete, MADD would like to plan a community unveiling party, and will be looking to secure a photographer for free prom photos in front of the murals in the spring. Murals will be paid for by MADD, and participating schools will be asked to donate wall space inside or outside their school to display the artwork.

  • Participating schools must have a group of youth who want to share in creating the mural designs and be willing to donate wall space for the art to live (inside or outside the school).
  • Mural designs must be centered on how students’ lives can look without alcohol or other drugs in an effort to prevent use of these substances
  • Email Emily DeFrancia at MADD for questions, more information, and to submit a small proposal: [email protected]