Thursday, October 17, 2019

Funding Opportunity: Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education

New Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education Funding Opportunity

Purpose: To support schools and school districts to implement comprehensive human sexuality education content that is medically accurate, culturally sensitive, inclusive of a positive youth development approach, and aligned with content requirements indicated in the Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education Bill (HB19-1032). 

Eligibility:  All public schools, school districts, board of cooperative services, charter schools, or institute charter schools are eligible to apply for this funding. Rural schools/districts and those not currently implementing comprehensive human sexuality education will be prioritized.

Access the RFA:  

Due Date: November 1, 2019 at 5pm

How This Relates to Young Driver Safety: Data from the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey show that Colorado youth who identify as LGBTQ+ report significantly higher levels of risky driving behavior from not wearing a seat belt to riding with an impaired driving. These and other health inequities by sexual orientation and gender identity exist because heterosexual and cisgender norms dominate our culture and systems. This social context results in LGBTQ+ people experiencing discrimination, stigma, and bias, including rejection from family, friends, and community, as well as limited access to LGBTQ+ informed healthcare. Research has shown that schools with LGBTQ+ inclusive education, including receiving information about sexual orientation, learning about LGBTQ+ history, and discussions of LGBTQ+ current events, increases the likelihood of students thinking their school was a safer place. LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education is associated with reduced suicidal ideation, increased mental health, and lower experiences of bullying among LGBTQ+ youth - all of which improve young peoples' abilities to make safe, healthy choices and provide an environment to support safe driving practices. Importantly, LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education is protective for youth of all identities related to safety, suicidal despair, and mental health.