Monday, October 14, 2019

RMPHTC: Free Training Opportunities

Training Announcement 
Check out free training opportunities through the RM-PHTC and our partners! 

Economic Evaluation Virtual Workshop (Oct. 22, 2019)
Are you wondering how economic evaluation might benefit your program or initiative? Interested in communicating value to decision-makers and funders? Join this virtual workshop to discuss the application of economic evaluation to your work. 

Community Engagement: Recruitment & Retention Virtual Workshop (Oct. 31, 2019) - How are you managing and sustaining community participation in your work? Participants in this virtual workshop will go over identifying key factors to support the recruitment and retention of community members, as well as conducting a stakeholder analysis.

Reducing Barriers Webinar Series: Housing and Homelessness
Housing Navigation Webinar (Oct. 23, 2019) - This session will feature Chelsea Kestler of Colorado Coalition for the Homeless to discuss resources for those facing housing insecurity, as well as Open Homes via Airbnb and Cancer Support Community.
Cancer Screening and Homeless Navigation Webinar (Oct. 28, 2019) -This session will feature navigators from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless to share resources and strategies for reaching populations experiencing homelessness.

Team Based Care Coordination ECHO Series (Oct. 31 - Dec. 12, 2019) - The Patient Navigator Training Collaborative (PNTC) and ECHO Colorado are partnering on a study to evaluate how our trainings improve team-based care coordination skills. This project is designed to learn more about the effectiveness of these trainings in increasing self-efficacy, knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to team-based care coordination among participants.

Coalition Architecture Webinar (Nov. 4, 2019) -  Explore how the design and structure of a coalition can support its success. Our panelists present critical questions to consider when structuring (or restructuring) your collaboration, and provide examples and analysis of 3 distinct and effective coalition designs.

Managing Effective Coalitions Community of Practice (Nov. 5, 2019 - June 2, 2020) - Come chat once a month with colleagues who are managing, leading, or supporting coalitions in their community. We will explore successes, challenges, ideas, and solutions for building effective coalitions that create and sustain lasting change.
Communicating and Disseminating Evidence to Policymakers (Nov. 8, 2019) - In the online module and live learning session, participants will explore effective strategies for communicating evidence to decision-makers and acquire tools and resources to create and disseminate messages about evidence-based solutions on different platforms for diverse audiences.

Care Coordination for Patient Navigators Online Course (Nov. 8 - Dec. 13, 2019) - In this course, we will explore care coordination and related concepts, including their application to practice and commonly encountered challenges.

Hypothesis Generation During a Foodborne Illness Outbreak ECHO Series (Nov. 13 - Dec. 11, 2019) - This series is designed to encourage foodborne epidemiologists to take advantage of a variety of data and tools available to them when generating a hypothesis for an outbreak detected through pathogen-based surveillance.

Designing Effective Meetings Virtual Workshop (Nov. 14, 2019) -Whether you lead a community coalition, an accreditation or QI team, workgroup or committee meetings, stakeholder planning sessions, or other types of meetings, this virtual workshop will provide you with strategies and techniques to help you keep your meetings on point, engaging, and action-oriented.

Community Engagement & Coalition Building In-Person Workshop (Nov. 18, 2019 in Boulder) - Topics covered in this workshop include principles of community engagement such as: recruiting community members, meeting planning and design, decision-making strategies, and retention strategies.

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