Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CDOT: Sharing the 2019 Youth GDL Campaign Materials

Dear Partners,

We are sharing our 2019 CDOT Teen GDL campaign creative assets with you in hopes that you will help us spread the message further by posting them on your social channels.

By clicking here, you can access our Teen GDL campaign creative assets, partner content deck, and toolkit docs. The partner content deck includes post copy to use when posting the videos on your social channels (Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook) and the toolkit includes instructions for how to post, if needed. 

The campaign creative includes a series of videos promoting a fictional sales event known as the GDL Resale. Each video depicts a scenario where a teen's refusal to obey GDL laws has forced the parent to take the extreme of donning a used car salesman's persona and selling their child's car. The aim is to educate Colorado young drivers on the three primary GDL issues, including passenger limits, cell phone distractions and seat belt usage.

Reach out to Sam Cole, Traffic Safety Communications Manager, with any questions: