Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Opportunity: The next positive Youth Development Train the Trainer is coming up!

The next Positive Youth Development Train the Trainer is coming up!

This PYD Train the Trainer is open to all individuals ready to lead a Positive Youth Development movement in their community, including state agency staff interested in becoming PYD champions in their role.

Recruit PYD Trainers in your community!

What is PYD? 
Positive youth development (PYD) is an approach, not a program, that can be used to complement and enhance current models of care across the spectrum of prevention, intervention and treatment. Conceptually, this evidence-based public health approach guides communities and organizations as they organize services, opportunities and supports so that all youth can be engaged and reach their full potential. PYD cuts across multiple high-risk behaviors and threats to health and well-being and may be applied to multiple social groups of youth. It is rare to find an evidence-based approach that jointly reduces risk factors and promotes protective factors. In practice, positive youth development incorporates the development of skills, opportunities and authentic relationships into programs, practices and policies so that young people reach their full potential.

This practical lens depicts youth and young adults as resources (and not problems!).

Why become a PYD Trainer? 
Positive Youth Development Trainers are highly sought after resources in your community. Not only do all systems, organizations, and individuals whose work impacts young people need an introduction to PYD, they need access to culturally relevant and locally meaningful examples of PYD in action. That's you! 

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A note...the next PYD Train the Trainer will be offered late Spring 2020 in Southern Colorado.