Monday, April 20, 2020

Free Workshop: Writing an Issue Statement

Crafting issue statements is an essential element of persuasive communication that is used in community engagement; policy, systems, and environmental change; and change management efforts. In this virtual workshop, you will learn the steps and criterion involved in writing an issue statement, combining data and conversations with stakeholders to identify the root cause of a problem and articulate how the issue is impacting the community. You will then practice the steps and craft your own issue statement for a community or public health problem, issue or policy.

What to Expect
  • This course will take 2 weeks to complete.
    • Online course materials and a live session (Please put this session on your calendar)
    • Course schedule
      • April 15th - Course shell opens
      • April 29th - Live Session
  • Online course materials
    • You will have activities to do on your own before the live session.  The activities will include things like watching videos and reading.
    • There will be a short assignment to complete in preparation for the live session. (The live session goes quickly. Doing the activities and assignments helps you use the time well.)
  • Live Session
    • A facilitator will lead a guided discussion and activities related to the online content with you and your classmates.
    • A topic expert will also be on hand to answer questions and engage in the discussion.
    • The live session gives you the opportunity to connect concepts of evidence-based decision making to your daily work.
  • Communication
    • You should receive 2 emails from us before the course begins.  Please email us at if they do not show up in your inbox (please check your spam folder, as well).
      • Registration confirmation - immediately after registering
      • Course welcome and instructions - 2 weeks before the live session
  • Technology
    • Live Session
      • You must join the Live Learning Session by video (an external webcam or built-in camera in your laptop, tablet, or smartphone).  Our staff can help you get set up if this is new for you.
    • Online course materials
      • You will be sent an invitation to the Learning Management System (Canvas) approximately 2 weeks before the Live Learning Session.  You will need to sign in, do some activities and make sure that you know how to connect to the Live Learning Session.  Don’t worry about the technology!  We have staff to help you.  You’ll receive all the information you need once you log in.
Learning Objectives
  1. Describe the steps in creating an issue statement.
  2. Define a criterion for the components of a sound issue statement.
  3. Develop a concise written issues statement of the public/community health problem, issue, or policy under consideration in a measurable manner.
This training addresses the strategic skill of persuasive communication.

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