Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Healthy Youth Campaign: Seeking Youth to Help Select the HYC Brand and Campaign Concept

After months of discovery, research, and creative concepting, we are just a few days away from launching the survey that will help us select the Healthy Youth Campaign brand and first advertising campaign that will go live in September. Throughout the creative process, youth advisors and a network of young people from across the state have provided valuable ideas and feedback, and now we’re looking for other young people to help us pick which brand and campaign concept will be put into production.

Next Monday, June 8, we will send out another email that will include a link to the survey and information about the project. We ask that you share this information with the young people you work with via email as soon as you’re able so that we can ensure we’re getting feedback and representation from youth in your community! 

We are especially, but not exclusively, hoping to receive feedback from young people who do not feel very connected to their peers, school or community. Each youth respondent who completes the survey in full will be compensated $15 for their time and feedback. The survey will close on Monday, June 15. 

We’re capping the number of responses to 150 - so please don’t wait to send it out once you receive the link.

Keep an eye out for an email from us next Monday. We appreciate any effort you can make to recruit young people for this survey!