Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Training Opportunities: June Training Announcements from the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center

June 2020
Training Announcement
Designing Effective Meetings Virtual Workshop - June 10, 2020
This virtual workshop will provide you with strategies and techniques to help you keep your meetings on point, engaging, and action-oriented.

Community Engagement & Coalition Building Virtual Workshop - June 19, 2020
Topics covered in the virtual workshop will include principles and overview of community engagement, recruiting & retaining community members/neighbors, meeting planning and design to encourage community participation and engagement, and decision-making strategies that seek maximum appropriate involvement of stakeholders

Writing an Issue Statement Virtual Workshop - June 24, 2020
In this virtual workshop, you will learn the steps and criterion involved in writing an issue statement, combining data and conversations with stakeholders to identify the root cause of a problem and articulate how the issue is impacting the community.

Marijuana Education Online Training Suite
As the use of recreational marijuana has grown steadily across Colorado the risks of youth use have also increased. This suite of online modules will provide the tools to understand many aspects of recreational marijuana in the context of youth prevention.

Resilience Online Toolkit
This online toolkit will help us define resilience accurately, explore how stress manifests, and figure out how best to exhibit resilience through the effects of stress.

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