Thursday, July 2, 2020

Opportunity: CDOT's Can Do Colorado Community Challenge

Can Do Colorado Community Challenge

The Can Do Community Challenge, an extension of the Can Do Colorado campaign that is spotlighting innovative businesses finding ways to keep going through the COVID-19 response, is asking local communities and their resident businesses to find new opportunities to restart commerce in ways that are safe and sustainable.
Lessons learned from the rapid adoption of teleworking and the ensuing benefits from better air quality and reduced traffic can help businesses and commercial centers reopen safely, sustain some telework practices, extend the benefits of reduced air pollution and traffic for everyone, and find innovative ways to reuse public spaces and help more businesses thrive in a world of social distancing.
Departments and organizations throughout state government are offering a wide array of resources, including at least $5 million in grant funding and expert technical assistance to help reopen the economy safely while making progress towards important health and community vitality goals. Additional efforts are focused on helping essential workers, who were often underpaid and underappreciated, find safe and sustainable ways to continue their heroic work for us all.
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