Thursday, September 10, 2020

Opportunity: Become a change maker by enrolling in the Denver Streets Partnership Advocacy Academy


Announcing the Denver Streets Partnership Advocacy Academy


The Denver Streets Partnership is launching a 10-week certificate program to give you the tools, expertise, experience, and connections to be a transit, walking, rolling, and biking leader into the future. The Academy is a combination of online classes and in-the-field work, advocating around timely walking, biking, and transit decisions this fall such as the Community Networks program, our 20isPlenty campaign, and the Reimagine RTD process.

Take the Community Networks program: Denver’s new network of bikeways is an ambitious plan to build out 125 miles of interconnected bikeways that link our densest living areas and downtown in just 3 years. When bikeways are strategically designed to work together as a network that enhances the safety of riders and drivers alike, people finally have real choices about how to get around. That means more safety and less stress for everyone! Decisions are being made about Community Networks this fall and it’s time to raise our voices. 

At our Academy you will learn from the best - leaders from top advocacy groups like Bicycle Colorado, CoPIRG, the Cross Disability Coalition, American Heart Association, Mile High Connects and more. 

Our curriculum is all about giving you the tools you need to make a difference in your neighborhood and in Colorado. And have fun. We have a lot of fun. 

You’ll learn about the most effective strategies for improving the safety of our streets, how to cut through red tape to get better sidewalks and bike lanes in your neighborhood, the keys to affordable and accessible transit, and more. 

At the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll receive an Advocacy Certificate from the Denver Streets Partnership, demonstrating completion of our program. Weekly stipends are also available. 

Each week will start with an online class offered at multiple times to fit into diverse schedules and include a tactical assignment designed to influence a decision happening right now. Participants will meet every other week with a designated Denver Streets Partnership mentor. The program will begin on September 14 and end on November 20.


Follow the link below to learn more and apply.