Friday, September 18, 2020

Opportunity: Recruiting Youth ages 14-18 for a Youth Advisory Group!


What we're doing

The Comprehensive Healthcare for Adolescents Initiative (CHAI) project at Texas A&M University is recruiting young people for a Youth Advisory Group.

Our goal:  To recruit 20 young people from all across the country that represent different lived experiences.


All races and all ethnicities

From small towns to big cities
All genders and all beliefs
Involved in activities or needing relief
From straight-A students to no longer attending
Everyone can help us have a better understanding



Help us spread the word

Young people like to feel appointed... Tell 2 or 3 young people about this opportunity and encourage them to apply!  Or share it with someone else that can send it to young people. 

To help us reach our diversity goal, try and recommend it to youth with different backgrounds and experiences!