Thursday, October 22, 2020

2021 Instrument Refinement Process: Now Accepting Applications for New HCKS and Smart Source Questions

 Please see the following requests to submit new questions to the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey and Smart Source and to weigh in on proposed new questions for HKCS 2021.  You can sign up for the School and Youth Survey Newsletter here!



Now accepting applications for NEW Questions and Modifications to HKCS & Smart Source!

Please complete this application to propose a new question or modify an existing question on the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey or Smart Source for the 2021 Fall survey administrations.

  • Completed applications will undergo a peer-review process to inform decisions on cuts, additions, and modifications made by the School and Youth Survey Steering Committee.
  • Competitive applications will provide detailed responses to all questions. 
  • Please submit one proposed new question or modification per application.
Please help us share the application widely!  

Deadline: November 16, 2020

We’d love your feedback on
New Questions under consideration for 2021 HKCS!

Please take this brief survey to endorse new HKCS questions under consideration for 2021. 
Consider how your program or community could utilize the results!  

The CDC and our youth survey experts on the Colorado School of Public Health Survey Team validated these questions. The questions primarily come from the CDC’s 2021 YRBS optional questions list or have been added to HCKS by schools in the past. Most are featured on the 2020 HKCS Supplement: COVID-19 instrument.

Not satisfied? Fill out our application to propose a new question!