Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Training Opportunities: Addressing Social Determinants of Health Course, Program Sustainability Workshop, Marijuana Hospitality Establishment Webinar & More!


Training Announcement
Addressing Social Determinants of Health Online Course (Oct. 22, 2020 - Feb. 18, 2021)
Participants will take their understanding of social determinants of health as they identify actionable steps to impact the root causes resulting in poor health outcomes in their communities.

Community Engagement & Coalition Building Virtual Workshop (Oct. 23, 2020)
Learn about the principles of community engagement and how to optimize recruitment, meeting planning & design, decision-making strategies, and how different coalition structures can help support different coalition needs & goals.

Program Sustainability in the New Reality of COVID-19 Virtual Workshop (Oct. 29, 2020)
The purpose of this workshop is to provide the opportunity to create hard and soft measures of performance that align with new sustainability goals created from the onset of COVID-19.

Marijuana Hospitality Establishments: Updates & Resources for Colorado Communities Webinar - Nov. 6, 2020
This webinar will provide community-level updates as well as discuss the resources CPHP has developed to support professionals working on public health, safety, substance misuse, youth development, or social justice issues in local communities.

Managing Effective Coalitions Community of Practice - November 2020-June 2021
Come chat once a month with colleagues who are managing, leading, or supporting coalitions in their community. We will explore successes, challenges, ideas, and solutions for building effective coalitions that create and sustain lasting change.

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