Wednesday, November 18, 2020

November 13-19 is Trans Awareness Week!


Transgender Awareness Week is a week where transgender people and their allies bring attention to the accomplishments and struggles of the trans community. As professionals dedicated to preventing child deaths, it is essential that we create safe, welcoming communities for trans children and youth and eliminate the stigma and discrimination that harms the mental and physical health of these young people.

Did you know that 59% of transgender youth surveyed in Colorado had seriously considered suicide in the past 12 months, compared to 16% of cisgender youth? Or that 38% of transgender youth reported drinking and driving in the past month, compared to 5% of cisgender youth? Trans people, particularly Black and Latinx trans women, also suffer high rates of bias-driven assaults and murders. Stigma, discrimination, and gendered violence are killing trans children and youth - but we can all take action to address these issues.

Check out the new toolkit from Advocates for YouthCreating Safer Space for LGBTQ Youth: A toolkit for education, healthcare, and community-based organizations.

Advocates for Youth is also highlighting trans youth activists on social media and you can help share their stories: Miles from Bradford, PA (InstagramTwitterFacebook) and Jaden from Clarksville, TN (InstagramTwitterFacebook)  

You can also share this "My Friend is Transgender" video on Facebook.

Watch Disclosure, a new Netflix documentary about trans representation in the media. And, since many folks in public health love some Brené Brown, you can listen to Brené interview Disclosure executive producer Laverne Cox on the Unlocking Us podcast.