Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Resource: Safe States Releases - Strengthening Partnerships between Business and Public Health: A Roadmap for Advancing Injury and Violence Prevention


Safe States is Pleased to

Release Our Newest Resource:

Strengthening Partnerships between Business
and Public Health: A Roadmap to Advancing
Injury and Violence Prevention

The Safe States Alliance is pleased to announce the release of its newest resource, “Strengthening Partnerships Between Business and Public Health: A Roadmap to Advancing Community Injury and Violence Prevention.


Partnerships between business and public health are essential in addressing and improving the vital conditions of a community. This Roadmap serves as a practical tool for fostering partnerships between the public health and business sectors to advance injury and violence prevention at the community level. Safe


Who is the intended audience of the Roadmap?

This resource is intended to be used by the following sectors as they work to build and strengthen partnerships with one another:

  • businesses,
  • public health departments,
  • funders,
  • non-profits, and
  • governmental agencies.

What can I expect to find in the Roadmap?

The Roadmap breaks down what is takes to develop partnerships between the business and public health sector into five critical steps - Connect, Plan, Perform, Evaluate, and Share. Within each of these steps, the Roadmap provides the following content to help guide users, regardless of where they are in the process:

  • recommendations,
  • a set of case studies examples,
  • resource suggestions,
  • equity examinations, and
  • funder considerations.

How can I get started using the Roadmap?

To help facilitate the use of the Roadmap, a Navigation Guide is provided to guide users to specific sections based on their area of expertise and starting point. Additional resources to support strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors are in development, but you can view the introductory webinar to start your journey now.

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