Thursday, December 10, 2020

Resource: CDC Releases New Tribal Fact Sheets


CDC recently released new fact sheets about Tribal Road Safety and how to reduce crash-related injuries and deaths in Tribal nations by:
  • Increasing the use of seat belts and child car seats
  • Reducing alcohol-impaired driving
  • Improving teen driver safety
The fact sheets focus on restraint use, child passenger safety, alcohol-impaired driving and safer driving in tribal communities. These fact sheets provide proven strategies to help reduce crash-related injuries and deaths in Tribal nations. Tribal communities can use the new fact sheets to identify strategies that help people stay safe on the road.

Tribal communities can:

  • Buckle Up! Every person, every seat, every time
  • Use car seats and booster seats on every ride
  • Get a ride and don’t drive if you’ve been drinking

Visit CDC’s Tribal Road Safety: Get the Facts for more information about these strategies.

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