Monday, January 25, 2021

New Study from the CDC: One in Four People who Binge Drink Report Other Substance Use


A new CDC study published today in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that binge drinking is strongly associated with use of other substances, as well as prescription drug misuse while drinking alcohol.

The study analyzed the 2016-2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health data on alcohol and other substance use among US adolescents and adults age 12 years and older, and found that:

  • Almost one in four people who binge drank also reported using other substances in the past month, including marijuana, heroin, stimulants, hallucinogens, or misuse of prescription drugs such as pain relievers (primarily opioids), tranquilizers, or sedatives.
  • People who binge drank were twice as likely to use other substances as non-binge drinkers and four times as likely as non-drinkers.
  • More than half of the nearly 30 million people who reported substance use in the past month also binge drank. Use of multiple substances was relatively common; among people who reported past-month substance use, 22% of people who binge drank reported using two other substances.
  • Among people who binge drank, other substance use was most common among males, young people aged 12-17, non-Hispanic black people, people with an annual household income of less than $20,000, and people living in large metropolitan counties.
  • Among people reporting past-month alcohol use and prescription drug misuse, people who binge drank were twice as likely to report prescription pain reliever misuse while drinking alcohol, or within a couple of hours of drinking, compared with people who did not binge drink.

The use of alcohol and other substances increases the risk of overdose, particularly when certain prescription drugs are misused while drinking alcohol. A comprehensive approach to prevent binge drinking, substance use, overdoses, and other drug-related harms can include effective population-level strategies to reduce the availability and affordability of alcohol (e.g., increasing alcohol taxes, regulating the number and concentration of places that sell alcohol in communities) and other substance use prevention strategies.

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