Monday, January 25, 2021

Virtual Event: Teens in the Driver Seat Virtual Summit - Call for Presenters


The Teens in the Driver Seat (TDS) Summit is going virtual in 2021!  Teens from Junior Highs and High Schools, teachers, and safety professionals gather to celebrate, learn, and get excited about being champions of safe teen drivers and passengers. The TDS Summit will provide attendees opportunities to collaborate and build alliances to help make your TDS program successful and your activities meaningful with workshops focused on the skills, knowledge and tools you need to become effective peer leaders in teen traffic safety.

The TDS Summit will kick-off Youth Traffic Safety Month with a live event on May 1, 2021 with motivating speakers and the 2021 TDS All-Stars Awards.  Then, throughout the month of May, TDS will be offering more webinars for teens, teachers, and traffic safety professionals.


TDS is seeking speakers to present during the 2021 Virtual Summit! This is an opportunity to reach middle school and high school teens, teachers, partners, and safety professionals. Interactive presentations will perform best with this audience, so please plan activities and exercises within your video.

  • Interested speakers are required to submit a 10 - 20 minute recorded video presentation and any handouts they would like to include by March 26, 2021
  • Submissions should be in their final format
  • If selected, presenters will be notified along with the date and time their video will be shown (May, 2021) and presenters will be invited to be online during their webinar
  • Features available to the presenter during the webinar include: chat with the audience, random giveaway (presenter should provide the giveaway), and handout links (provided previously)
  • The webinar will be available for viewing after the Summit has concluded
  • TDS will provide presenters their attendee numbers and webinar feedback

The below topics targeted towards Junior High or High School students will be considered:

  • Distracted Driving, Driving at Night, Speeding, Seat Belt Use, or Impaired driving for teen drivers
  • Seat Belts or Passenger Safety for Junior High teens
  • Pedestrian and Bike Safety
  • Taking your organization from peer-driven to peer-led
  • Adjusting your club/organization for a more virtual world
  • Leadership skills
  • Health in Traffic Safety
  • Effectively changing risky teen driving/passenger behaviors
  • Gathering and Using Data to guide your organization
  • Building rapport with teens
  • How teens can engage others about unsafe driving habits
  • Recent teen traffic trends

Presentations that include promotions of an app, business or for-profit organizations will not be considered.

A YouTube link or uploaded video may be submitted. Submitted videos must be in an MP4 format and no larger than 5 gigabytes and may be uploaded with form. Once you are ready to submit your video and handouts, click here