Friday, February 26, 2021

Funding Opportunity: CDOT's Highway Safety Office RFA for FY22 Coming Soon!


CDOT's Highway Safety Office (HSO) will be releasing a Request for Applications (RFA) for FY22 on or around March 1, 2021. Those interested in applying can visit this link, where the RFA, RFA Guides, data sources and other information will be posted soon. 

Some exciting changes have been made to the available traffic safety emphasis areas, specifically Police Traffic Services and Community Traffic Safety Programs. These additional emphasis areas will now allow an agency to submit one combined application for projects that encompass a combination of areas. Agencies who have more than one project are encouraged to combine applications if feasible (e.g. if you have a young driver grant and a child passenger grant, they may now be combined into one overall grant). According to the 2020 Problem Identification Report, the number of young drivers ages 15-20 involved in a fatal motor vehicle crash in Colorado  increased 11% from 2014-2018. Additionally, the number of motor vehicle fatalities among young drivers ages 15-20 increased 9% from 2014-2018, regardless of the age of the driver. Young drivers are particularly susceptible to the impacts of social, environmental, political, economic, interpersonal, and physical influences and systems. The most effective interventions are those which combine multifaceted, multilevel strategies for sustainable change.

Please reach out to Ashley Nicks or Lynn Holly with any questions: