Monday, February 8, 2021

Resource: CDC Releases Vital Signs: Violence Impacts Teens’ Lives


Today CDC released, Vital Signs: Prevalence of Multiple Forms of Violence and 

Increased Health Risk Behaviors and Conditions Among Youths — 

United States, 2019. The latest CDC Vital Signs report examines the types of
violence experienced by teens age 14 to 18 years old and highlights how
experiences of 
violence are associated with health conditions and risky behaviors.
Far too 
commonly, teens 14 to 18 years old experience violence, often more than
one type, such as 
physical fighting, sexual violence, dating violence, and bullying.

Data from 2019 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) provide key insights 

into the violence experiences of teens aged 14 to 18:

  • As teens experience more violence, their involvement in risky behaviors 
    increases. Teens’ engagement in risk behaviors was up to 7 times higher
    among those with two types of violence and up to 21 times higher among
    those experiencing three or more types of violence than teens with no
    violence experiences.
  • About half (44.3%) of teens experienced at least one type of violence and
    1 in 7 (15.6%) of teens experienced at least two types of violence in the
    12 months before the survey.
  • Female teens are more likely than males to experience three or more types
    of violence, as are sexual minority teens compared to heterosexual peers.

Preventing violence is key to promoting teen and adult health. Violence can affect 

teens’ health and increase the chance of developing cancer, heart disease, or other 

health problems in adulthood. Collaboration among multiple sectors can ensure the 

effective implementation of strategies to help youth and communities be safe and 


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