Monday, March 29, 2021

Virtual Event: National Briefing on Commitment to Zero Traffic Deaths


National Safety Council

Join the Road to Zero Coalition on March 31 for a virtual event to learn how zero traffic deaths can be achieved.

As the number of preventable traffic deaths in the U.S. soars to tragic, record levels, there is a burgeoning movement calling for a paradigm shift starting with a commitment from the Biden administration to Zero Traffic Deaths. Find out how zero is possible based on a growing body of expert analysis and projections.

This national briefing will demonstrate how we can confront and change what has long been considered an intractable problem that resulted in more than 42,000 lives lost last year in preventable crashes. We will hear from policy-makers and advocates on what it will take to transform our transportation system with proven strategies to reach safe mobility for all by 2050.

We will do the math on how to reach zero. Please join us to be part of the change.