Friday, June 11, 2021

Job Opportunity: Office of Health Equity Director


Office of Health Equity Director 

Description of Job

Work Unit:

The Director position oversees the Department’s Office of Health Equity (”Office”), which is a state leader in promoting health equity strategies so that all Coloradans may thrive. The Office builds partnerships to address inequities in health status among communities or populations that are marginalized or underserved. Priority groups  defined in statute include race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, older age groups, and socioeconomic status. The Office works collaboratively within CDPHE, and with the Health Equity Commission, other state agencies, and impacted communities to set priorities toward transformational change in addressing the root causes of health inequities, assuring culturally responsive programming, and effectively incorporating an equity lens into decision making and daily work. The Office’s main functions include:

  • Building partnerships to mobilize community power and transform systems to advance health equity and environmental justice.

  • Assisting the department with assessing, documenting and reporting on disparities in health outcomes, the root causes, and strategies to address them as required in statute and as a best practice.

  • Engaging state agencies in a strategic planning process to address the underlying social determinants of health such as the economic, environmental, educational and other social inequities that are the root causes for some communities.

  • Implementing and overseeing community grants to address inequities in the determinants of health.

  • Engaging with communities and stakeholders around programming, equity work, priority setting and administration of the community grants program. 

  • Providing consultation and capacity building to CDPHE programs to ensure culturally and linguistically responsive and inclusive service provision and rule making, and effective community engagement in programming.

  • Guiding the Department’s work with Tribes in Colorado in a manner consistent with the State’s government-to-government relationships.

About the Position:

This position is non-classified, and a part of Senior Executive Services within Colorado’s state government. The position sits in the Office of the Executive Director and is an authority and leader on health equity and environmental justice. The position works with the department’s executive director, the Health Equity Commission and the Governor’s Office to formulate a vision toward health equity in our state, and in partnership with other state agencies. This position directs the overall strategy of the Office of Health Equity and ensures that the Office is staffed with the necessary talent, lived experience, and expertise to carry out Office functions. The position provides strategic direction and accountability, general oversight of programming and budgeting, and supervision of staff for the Office of Health Equity.

The position participates as a member of the CDPHE leadership team, ensuring cross-departmental objectives are provided in the department’s annual strategic plan. The position interacts with cabinet members in other state agencies, and the Health Equity Commission to facilitate the identification of strategies and levers to address the root cause of health inequities. The position assures a strong capacity building function within the Office to provide technical assistance to CDPHE’s programs in the areas of culturally responsive programming; linguistically appropriate services; social and environmental justice; health equity and access for people with disabilities; and community engagement. 

This position is a collaborator that facilitates relationship building with communities and strengthens systems to promote community engagement and incorporate voices of the underserved and communities that have been marginalized into the department’s work. The position facilitates the success of the Department’s Health Equity Commission by setting a collaborative tone and assuring a partnership among commissioners, Office staff, and department leadership toward achieving mutual goals.


The position is responsible for the programmatic and budgetary decisions within the Office of Health Equity, and oversees the supervision and work products of Office staff. The position also oversees the community grants program, as mandated by HB 05-1262 and SB 21-181 and assures all statutes that are applicable to the Office of Health Equity are met. This position is a senior executive services position and a part of the department’s leadership team. Applications will be considered from residents and non-residents of Colorado.

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