Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Training Opportunity: Addressing Social Determinants of Health Online Course with RMPHTC


Training Announcement
Addressing Social Determinants of Health Online Course
July 8th - September 30th
The application is now open for our new summer online course - Addressing Social Determinants of Health. The goal of this course is to equip public health professionals with the information and skills they need to apply a systems thinking approach in order to:
  • Identify upstream determinants impacting specific health outcomes
  • Identify shared risk factors across multiple health outcomes
  • Identify and select particular upstream factors which they want to target
  • Describe metrics by which to measure changes in upstream health determinants
  • Identify strategies to impact those upstream determinants
  • Communicate and work with partners to identify common goals
  • Identify and implement collective funding approaches to support innovative efforts in this area
  • Assess organizational readiness or barriers to authentically engage the community in a shared risk approach
  • Identify actionable steps to impact the root causes resulting in poor health outcomes in their communities

Participants will register for this training with a partner from their organization or community. Work for the course will be completed together by the pairs.

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