Monday, July 12, 2021

Resource and Training Opportunity: Data State of Mind


NEW resources from the Colorado State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) 

The Data State of Mind Manual and Training Modules is a multi-year effort from the SEOW to meet the needs of community members or anyone working in public or behavioral health. The manual and self-paced training modules include real data examples that are specific to Colorado. This is an easy-to-use and action-oriented manual and the training modules will guide you to learn to question and critique existing data, as well as identify, collect, and analyze data. The objective of this manual and the training modules is to help bring public and behavioral health data to life so you can become a responsible data citizen by using data to create positive change in the communities you serve.

The manual and training modules have seven sections that are by topic and concepts. For someone new, It is important to go through the manual and training modules in the order presented as the concepts build on each other. However, the manual and training modules are designed to be flexible for learning. For maximum learning, you can work through each section at your own pace to allow time for exploration of additional resources.

To access the Data State of Mind Manual and Training Modules, click here

Another resource from the SEOW is the newly published Stimulants Data Brief.  Overview: Use of illegal stimulants is increasing nationally and in Colorado. This is concerning because of related increases in drug overdoses involving stimulants, polysubstance use of stimulants and opioids, and fentanyl contamination in illegal stimulants. Colorado communities would benefit from stimulant-specific prevention resources, increased harm reduction efforts, and treatment options that use evidence-based approaches for stimulant use disorders

Lastly, for those looking for specific data related to substances, the SEOW has created a webpage that links you to  Colorado and National Data Dashboards

The Colorado SEOW increases awareness, understanding and access to data and data publications that address substance use, abuse and related health issues in Colorado. The Colorado SEOW is a multidisciplinary working group that promotes the collection, analysis, and clear communication of data to support and inform substance use, prevention, intervention, treatment, recovery, enforcement, and broader policy.