Monday, July 26, 2021

Workshop: What is My Story? An anti-racism skill-building workshop for white people


WHAT IS MY STORY? An anti-racism skill-building workshop for white people.

Online three-part interactive series

August 11 & August 25 & September 8

Wednesdays, 2-4 pm Eastern

Developing an antiracist story of self is an essential practice for white people.

The stories we tell about ourselves can be a tool in service of white supremacy, or they can be a powerful force for exposing the myths of white superiority and breaking allegiance to whiteness.

Participating in this workshop will increase your:

  • understanding of why and how to develop your antiracist story of self
  • self-awareness
  • skill at showing up with authenticity to racial justice movements

You will have an opportunity to practice:

  • four story types about race and racism in the US
  • writing and reflection, with guidance and prompts, about your own life and work through an antiracism lens
  • sharing parts of your story with others, and receiving thoughtful feedback that will support you to continue developing your story

If you are not able to attend all sessions live, you will receive recordings. However, opportunities for practice and receiving feedback will happen only during live sessions.

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