Thursday, August 12, 2021

Report: Leveraging cross-agency data sharing to understand the contribution of early experiences of child maltreatment to child deaths in Colorado

The Child Fatality Prevention System at CDPHE and the Administrative Review Division at the Colorado Department of Human Services recently partnered in a data-sharing agreement to better understand how early experiences of child maltreatment contribute to child deaths in Colorado.

This linkage has given us much better information about the connections between child abuse and neglect and child fatalities including suicide, homicide, and child maltreatment. For example, through this linkage we learned that nearly 46% of children who died by suicide had a documented history of child maltreatment.  

Cross-agency partnerships like this help underscore the ways that child maltreatment prevention can prevent many other types of adverse and lethal outcomes for children throughout their lives.

Read the one page summary here: 

CFPS / CDHS Child Maltreatment Data Sharing