Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Training Opportunity: Creative Agents of Change Program


Creative Agents of Change Program
September 14th - February 8th, 2nd Tuesday of the Month
6-10pm, Attendance at each session is required
The Creative Agents of Change Program is an action-oriented development opportunity for individuals and communities, teams and organizations. The program design challenges the idea individuals cannot change systems and conditions- first in a thorough assessment and exploration of the roles we play as empowered actors in our world, and then through planning to make significant change to what has been normalized. Program participants work together, through a series of facilitated discussions and experiences, based on individual and group learning goals about the impacts of difference and equity. Creative Agents of Change use learning as a launch point for change, while experiencing growth in a community built for challenge, making mistakes, and sharing through reflection. The resulting effort for all is the development and demonstration of authentic vulnerability, effective communication, and self-reflection that foster personal and cultural change.

The Program will require a commitment of time, energy and effort. To create the sacred space necessary for learning and reflecting, facilitators utilize the creative arts to develop a container for emotional and visceral responses. While every participant is rewarded differently for their commitment, we can guarantee you will be activated toward making change in your communities, environments and worlds. The Program consists of six (6), four (4)-hour, monthly sessions, with some pre-program preparation, as well as post-session learning between sessions. Each participant must apply to participate in the Creative Agents of Change Program. Responses to application questions will guide the pace of learning in the sessions and help determine some early goals for program participants. Before the program's conclusion, each Agent will define and communicate their planned goal or project toward Change. There is no charge for this run of the program!