Road Health Summit

Please find below the meeting presentations for this year's Improving Colorado's Road Health Summit 2016!

Meeting Presentations 2016

Older Pedestrian Safety Outreach Robert P. Rock, Lieutenant, Denver Police Department/Traffic Investigations 

A Call to Action-Meeting the Challenges of the Future, Ryan Rice, Director of Transportation System Management & Operations, CDOT

How to Improve Road Health from a Public Health Perspective, Lindsey Myers  Injury and Substance Abuse Prevention Section Manager, CDPHE

Colorado Crash Data Alisa Babler, PE Traffic & Safety Engineer, TSM&O

Occupant Protection-Outreach Strategies to Diverse Communities Laura Sonderup, Managing Director, Hispanidad

How to Engage Teens by Teens: Youth-Led Panel Jacob Smith, Panel Moderator

End Distracted Driving-Maximizing Opportunities for Attitude and Behavior Change Joel D. Feldman Esq., MS Co-Founder End Distracted Driving

Maximizing Opportunities for Attitude and Behavior Change: Why Target Employers? Tracey Holberg RN, CPSTI Injury Prevention Coordinator

Local Safety Resources- Colorado LTAP  Renée Railsback, Director, Colorado LTAP

Advanced Bicycle Safety in Fort Collins Tessa Greegor, Fort Collins Bikes Program Manager

The Aging Road User: Traveling over 65 - Challenges Ahead Susan Watkins, Principal, KezziahWatkins

Aurora Police Dept. Pedestrian Education & Safety Campaign FY 2015 Review Officer Al Graham, Aurora Police Department

Street-Smart: Improving Colorado's Road Health Summit Darryl Clark, Executive Director, Street Smart

Mapping MVC Injuries to Target Prevention Efforts Dwayne Smith, Senior Strategist, Children's Health Advocacy Institute, Children's Hospital

Boomers, Xers & Millennials: How New Research on Generations can Inform the Future of Prevention Rodney A. Wabbeam, PhD. Senior Research Scientist

Car Seats Colorado: Complete Brand Overhaul & Program Review   Trooper Tim Sutherland, Colorado State Patrol

Independent Transportation Network of America: Dignified Transportation for Seniors Katherine Freund, President ITN America

Building a Bicycle Friendly Colorado Betsy Jacobsen CDOT Bicycle/Pedestrian/Byway Section Manager

Trends of Seat Belt Uses in the State Jim Francis PhD, Director, Institute of Transportation Management Colorado State University

Safe All Ways: West Metro Fire Rescue's Motor Vehicle Safety Program Susan Saito, Community Education Specialist, West Metro Fire Rescue


Meeting Agenda and Meeting Presentations from 2015

Participant Agenda At a Glance

Detailed Participant Agenda

Meeting Presentations from 2015
Motor Vehicle Policy Gap Analysis, Ali Maffey, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Utah's Primary Belt Law Success: Linda Hull, Utah Department of Transportation

The Aging Driver-A Colorado Perspective, Ted Trujillo, Colorado Department of Revenue

Healthcare Provider Involvement in Older Driver Safety, Marian E. Betz, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Driving and Community Mobility: Resources for Screening and Evaluation, Preserving Mobility as the Goal, Elin Schold Davis, American Occupational Therapy Association

Distracted Driving, Russ Martin, AAA State Relations

Impact Teen Drivers, Kelly Browning, Impact Teen Drivers

DUID THC Lab Challengers, Sarah Urfer, Chematox

Prosecuting the Cannabis Impaired Driver, Jen Knudsen, Colorado Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

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