Formed in 2005 the Colorado Teen Driving Alliance (CTDA) is a coalition of state and local agencies, non-profits and private-sector partners concerned about teen driving safety. 

Components of the plan include increasing enforcement of Colorado’s Graduated Drivers’ Licensing law, increasing safety belt use statewide and providing technical assistance and consultation to local Colorado communities.


In order to implement the strategic plan, Alliance members participate on workgroups that focus on social marketing, community programs, legislative issues, and technical assistance, respectively.

CTDA members continually receive education and training on issues surrounding teen driving safety, Best Practices, and evaluation techniques. Additionally, the Alliance works to leverage funding and resources to complete a variety of teen driving safety projects. 

CTDA meets on the first Thursday of every month at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. New members are always welcome. Click here to complete a short application.


Roberto said...

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Ashley Krohn said...

Chat Conversation Start
Good morning,

We're on a mission to spread awareness about impaired driving in Denver in an effort to curb crashes.

I recently helped to develop an interactive Denver crash map that pinpoints all of the crashes as reported by the governmental FARS database. You can view it here http://www.sawayalaw.com/interactive-crash-map

Can you help me to spread the word?


Sathiaja Sarah said...

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