Thursday, October 30, 2014

Automatic targets teen drivers with License+ service

Every time I get into my car and take a drive, short or long, a small dongle plugged into its onboard diagnostic port sends data - including location - to an app on my iPhone. I get a score on how efficient my driving is, and it's also simple to track all of my trips in a Google Spreadsheet through IFTTT integration. That dongle is from Automatic (US$99.99), a company that today announced a new service targeting teen drivers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The only 12-square blocks where you can be ticketed for not wearing a seat belt

From: Fox31

Some towns are known as speed traps but one metro town is known for seat belt violations.

Mountain View has issued nearly 4,000 seat belt tickets in the last 3 years.

Colorado considers seat belt violations a secondary violation, meaning drivers typically need to be pulled over for a primary offense like speeding, before police can ticket them for a seat belt violation.

But, as Denver resident Summer Borga found out, Mountain View has its own rules.

Borga received an $80 dollar ticket near 44th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard in early October.

“When he stopped me, I asked ‘Oh was it for my broken mirror?’ and he said, ‘No your passenger is not wearing his seat belt.’”

Borga and her husband, Chris, were shocked to learn Mountain View, as a home-rule city, has its own ordinance treating seat belt violations as a primary violation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Webinar on CDC’s New Interactive Calculator for States

Thursday, October 30, 11 a.m. -12 p.m. MT

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In conjunction with CDC’s October Vital Signs on Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries and Costs, CDC released a new interactive calculator, called the Motor Vehicle PICCS (Prioritizing Interventions and Cost Calculator for States). This tool will help state decision makers prioritize and select from a suite of 12 effective motor vehicle injury prevention interventions. It is designed to calculate the expected number of injuries prevented and lives saved at the state level, as well as the costs of implementation, while taking into account the state’s available resources. A fact sheet for each intervention and a final report with methodologies and cost-effectiveness analyses are included. The Motor Vehicle PICCS is available online at:

To learn more about MV PICCS, how to use it, and how to interpret the output join Safe States, CDC (Erin Sauber-Schatz), and RAND Corporation (Liisa Ecola) for a webinar on and demonstration of MV PICCS on Thursday, October 30, from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Proven Tools to Help Protect Teen Drivers: Injury Center News

one of the most important safety features for your teen driver is YOU.

Many parents don’t realize it, but the #1 threat to their teen’s safety is driving or riding in a car with a teen driver. The fact is, about 3,000 teens lose their lives every year in car crashes. That’s eight teens a day too many. The main cause? Driver inexperience.

CDC’s Parents Are the Key campaign helps to educate parents on their invaluable role in reducing risk and managing their teens’ driving behavior. Now, just in time for National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 19-25), CDC has launched a refreshed Parents Are the Key website, featuring new materials and resources in English and Spanish—including a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement.

We encourage you to visit the Parents Are the Key website, which we’ve designed to help parents, pediatricians, and communities keep teen drivers safe on the road.

Spread the Word
We ask that you please help us raise awareness of these resources during National Teen Driver Safety Week. Here are some sample tweets and Facebook posts that you can use:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Teen Driver Safety Research Released

A new report, led by Allison Curry, PhD, MPH and funded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, sheds new light on crash involvement of newly-licensed young drivers. Available on the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia website.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Teen Safe Driving Challenge Officially Launched

Watch the KKTV News Story

Teens are more at-risk to get into car crashes than adults because they are new drivers. On Thursday, DRIVE SMART COLORADO, held a kick-off breakfast to launch their program's 26th year. It's aimed to teach kids safe driving.

The program is called "High School Traffic Safety Challenge" and it's meant to be a peer-led six-week course for high school students in our area. This year, 34 high schools from El Paso and Teller Counties signed up.

Lt. Scott Schwall with the Colorado Springs Police Department said the course can be very informative. He said many high schools don't offer a driver's training course anymore.

"They educate the students about the dangerous of drinking and driving, the dangers of texting a driving. As we know, teens are at a higher risk with being involved with accidents because they are new drivers," said Schwall.

DRIVE SMART COLORADO says that when teens wear seatbelts, they are about 50% to 75% less likely to get injured in a car crash. They also said, the number of teens using cell phones while driving went down 6% last year after the course.

The kick-off breakfast, Thursday, was a way for teens from several high schools to learn about resources available to them to create the challenge.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

MOTOsafety Helps Parents Monitor Teen Drivers

From: GPS World


Agilis Systems, LLC, a provider of GPS-based software solutions for businesses, now offers MOTOsafety Teen Driving Coach — a specialty consumer product designed to help parents monitor location and driving behaviors of their teenage drivers.